"Church in the Valley"  (by David Hancock and Bob Montgomery)

Early one morning been driving all night
When off in the distance lit up by my light
A cross on a church top came into view
Then I felt on my heart a tug to renew

In a valley near a river stands a little white church
High up on the steeple is a cross made of birch
The cross on the church points out the way
By the river in the valley where people are saved

Sunday the church fills with folks from all 'round
If you need anybody in the church they'll be found
They baptize in the river and songs will be sung
Sunday's in the church when week's just begun

(repeat chorus)

Each day people come and kneel at the cross
In the evening they gather to pray for the lost
In the valley near a river in the small little town
Revivals got started that's lasted years now

(repeat chorus)