Comfort Zone ( by JD Walters and music by Eugene Montgomery)

Lord I was happy just sittin in a pew
Then I read your words and started lovin you
Lord I got an itch that would’t leave me alone
You know I didn’t wanna leave my comfort zone
Cause I’m happy right here in my comfort zone.

Lord I’m happy here in my comfort zone
Lord lend me your ear and just leave me alone
I don’t wanna preach and I don’t wanna teach
Don’t wanna talk or even answer the phone
Cause I’m happy right here in my comfort zone

They said join the choir son we’ve heard that you sing
Why don’t they let me just do my own thing
Soon I learned the choir songs and felt right at home.
Now I see why He didn’t leave me alone
Cause He was workin on my brand new comfort zone

Now God only asks you to do what you can
And when it gets too tough He’ll lend you a hand
When it seems like you’re standing all alone
That’s when the good Lord comes along
And He’ll give you a brand new comfort zone