Dig Deep (written by George Somers)

There are times in your life when you are dealing with trouble and trials.
They keep piling on up and seem to go on for miles and miles
You have a lot of questions and just can’t seem to figure it out.
There is one thing you can do before you pull out all your hair and shout.

There’s a little black book That is laying ‘round your house somewhere
It was made for everyone especially those who are in need of repair
Don’t lose hope when your life seems to be at odds
Just dust off the cover and open up the word of God

Dig Deep… in your Bible
Dig Deep… For a little revival
Dig Deep in your Bible yes to help you with your survival
God helps you at all times;good and bad
He’ll pick you up when you are sad
Dig Deep…. In your Bible
Dig Deep… For a little revival
Dig Deep… in your Bible
Dig Deep

The Bible’s the best seller and it’s been around for thouands of years
It’s a guide for our lives , in times of all our smiles and tears;
Open up the book and you can’t fathom how God is so kind
God loves us so much His words will give us peace of mind.

“chorus again “