Glenn Wylie

Tenor Vocals

Glenn was born in Breckenridge, Texas 59 years ago. He accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior at the age of 9 while in church in Breckenridge. His family moved to Glen Rose, Texas when he was around 11. He was active in football and basketball in Glen Rose until his family moved to Benbrook in 1966. At that time, Glenn was in about the 10th grade and quit school to help support his family. His family always enjoyed music and would often gather at his uncle’s house to sing.

Glenn married Carolyn Manasco in Sept. 1966 and they moved to Granbury in Feb. 1967. Glenn went to work for Tri-County Electric Co-op around that time, and has continued working there for the last 39 years. Glenn and Carolyn have 3 wonderful children, Dwayne, Laurie & Lisa. They also have 9 very special grandchildren, Johnny, Wes, Josh & Carolyn Wylie; Christin & Dylan Rowland; Bobby & Logan Kindle & Brandon Crawford. When Glenn has a little spare time some of his favorite things to do are take trips to San Antonio with Carolyn, bird watch, fish & woodworking.

Glenn and Carolyn joined Southside Baptist Church in February 1986 and in February 1987, Glenn was elected a Deacon. Soon after, Glenn began to sing bass in the choir. He has served in the music ministry at Southside ever since.

Glenn knows that God brought him and the other 4 guys together through their love of music. He feels that God gets the glory and honor through all that’s done by The Baggy Bottom Boys and the message they send out with the words of their songs. He enjoys the friendship and bond that has developed within the group and knows that without God’s direction and plan for their lives they probably would not be as close as they are. Glenn prays that God will allow them to continue their ministry through their music for many years to come and cannot wait to see what God has in store for them and the people that they minister to!