It's A Cowboy Church   by Eugene Montgomery

Out in the country passed the city limit sign
There's a big metal building with a cross on the side
People gather there from miles around
To hear a man preach who was a rodeo clown
It's a cowboy church, where the Spirit comes down

It's the same gospel of Jesus Christ
He paid for our sins when He was sacrificed
Jesus is the way the truth and the life
If you call on His name you can see the light
They sing the old hymns with a country beat
You can clap your hands and tap your feet
It's a Cowboy Church where the country folk meet

Well it used to be church was ties and suits
Now it's George Strait hats and Justin boots
They get baptized in a big horse trough
Some leave their boots on and some take em off
It's a Cowboy Church and they're  reaching the lost

(chorus again)