Jerry Robinson

Lead Guitar

Jerry was born in Meridian, TX on Dec. 31, 1953. He has a twin brother, he was born the same day and they even have the same parents! Jerry also had another brother and two sisters. His dad played the fiddle and taught Jerry how to play the guitar when he was about 16. He didn’t really get serious about it until he was around 18. He went to school in Kopperl TX. Most people don’t know that he was in the top 10 of his graduating class. (of course, there were only 9 students in the entire class!)

Jerry married Pam Lain in October, 1972. He went to work in the fiberglass industry and was still pursuing his music while playing in bars and honky-tonks. They have one daughter, Crystal. Jerry and Pam are also blessed with a grandson, Brenton who is now 8. Jerry’s hobbies include hunting and golf.

After a couple of years of itching in the fiberglass industry, Jerry tried a few different fields and then went to work at Wal Mart in the lawn & garden dept. He has been there for 22 years. All during this time, he continued to pursue his music career and he played with Eugene Montgomery and the Green River Band for 8 or 9 years. He then played with Cole Creek Country for about 10 years. Jerry played lead guitar for each of these bands and now plays the same for The Baggy Bottom Boys.

Jerry and Eugene had not kept in touch real well over the years but when The Baggy Bottom Boys were in need of a good lead guitarist, Eugene thought immediately of Jerry. He didn’t know if Jerry would be interested in playing in a gospel group or not but decided to pray about it and see what God would do. Eugene contacted Jerry about playing with the group and sent him a demo CD to listen to. Jerry’s older brother was ill and soon passed away. Jerry and Pam feel that God brought Eugene back in to Jerry’s life at this time. Jerry was at a place in his life where his heart was open to what God had in store for him. Jerry says that he probably played The Baggy Bottom Boys song “Tommy” that Eugene had sent him, 25 times while visiting with his brother for the last time. That song was a comfort to him and made him feel that God had a plan for his life.

Jerry knows that being a part of The Baggy Bottom Boys has blessed the lives of he and his family and he hopes that he can be a blessing to others.

Jerry and Pam

We miss you Bro