My Daddy Tol’ Me (by Eugene Montgomery)

My Daddy told me
Son there’s things you can’t see
Like a cold north wind and the air that you breath
Son you can’t see God , until you believe
Seeing is believing
But in believing we see

I want to thank you Lord , for letting me see
Oh it feels so good , now that I believe
I want to thank you Lord,
and I’m asking you please
Let others see Jesus in me

Jesus tol Thomas, you have seen and believe
Blessed are those who, haven’t seen and believe
Once I was blind and I didn’t believe
Jesus opened my eyes and now I can see


My Daddy tol me , son there’s things you can’t see
But there’s things you can feel
And so you know that they’re real
Sometimes you have to see, before you believe
Sometimes you must believe , before you can see