One Hundred PercentĀ  ( by Dorman Pullen and music by Baggy Bottom Boys)

On a hill they call calvary He died for our sins
He did it out of love .A love that has no end
A love that's full of mercy. A love that's heaven sent
When Jesus gave his all , he gave 100 percent

From the nails in His hands to the hole in His side
To the thorns in His head, to the tears He must have cried.
The way He must have suffered, to the moment that He died
All of His love , He gave for you and I

(Chorus )
{When Jesus gave His all . All for you and me}
When He died upon the cross {From our sins He set us free}
And it {opened heaven's door, so we could come on in
When Jesus gave His all,} He gave 100 percent

And all that He asks , is to follow His words
To answer your hearts door when His knock is heard
And to show love and kindness , to your brothers on lifes way.
You'll receive a blessing , each and every day
(repeat Chorus)

And when our saviour gave His all He gave 100 %