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Recent Photos

2020 Triple Cross Cowboy Church

2019 December Pleasant Grove Cowboy Church

2019 First Baptist Farmersville

2019 No Boundaries Cowboy Church

2019 Center City Baptist Church

2019 Walnut Springs

2019 Gateway Baptist Church of Denton

2019 Long Creek Baptist Church

2019 Church in the Valley Leakey

2019 Three Nails Bible Church

2019 Hubbard C.C. Last Time

2019 The Promise in Glen Rose

2019 The Country Church in Marion

2019 Chocolate Bayou Anniversary Celebration

2019 Big Creek Cowboy Church

2019 Happy Trails Cowboy Church

2019 August Pleasant Grove Cowboy Church

2019 Watts Chapel Grandview

2019 HOTCC  July

2019 Cowboy Church of Ennis

2019 Chocolate Bayou Cowboy Church

2019 Kokomo Baptist Church

2019 Trail to the Cross Cowboy Church

2019  River Oaks Sutherland Springs STGMA

2019 Calvary Baptist Picnic

2019 May Pleasant Grove Cowboy Church

2019 New Haven Missionary Baptist

2019 Hubbard Cowboy Church April

2019 Wild Horse Creek Holy Smoke Off

2019 Honey Grove West Side Baptist Church

2019 Bosque County Cowboy Church

2019 Gatesville Country Music Hall of Fame

2019 Coke County Cowboy Church

2019 Ranch House Cowboy Church

2019 South Park Baptist Church

2019 First Baptist Church Rockwall

2019 Tolar United Methodist Church

2019 January Pleasant Grove Cowboy Church

2019 Triple Cross Cowboy Church

2018 Greenbriar Baptist Church

2018 Worth Baptist Church

2018 Lake Levon Camp and Conference Center

2018 Church in the Valley Leakey

2018 Springtown Methodist Church

2018 Bold Cross Cowboy Church

2018 September Pleasant Grove Cowboy Church

2018 Big Creek Cowboy Church

2018 Seldon Baptist Fish Fry

2018 Evant Methodist Church

2018 Kennedale New Hope Baptist Church

2018 Watts Chapel

2018 Mineral Wells Cowboy Church

2018 Goldthwaite UMC

2018 Elmdale Baptist Abilene, Texas

2018 Trail to the Cross Cowboy Church

2018 Bosque County Cowboy Church

2018 June Pleasant Grove Cowboy Church

2018 Calvary Baptist Picnic

2018 Robertson County Cowboy Church

2018 Happy Trails Cowboy Church

2018 Goatneck Fish Fry New Hope Baptist

2018 Zion Hill Baptist Church

2018 Avenue L Baptist Church

2018 First Baptist Marble Falls

2018 Hubbard Cowboy Church

2018 Ranch House Cowboy Church

2018 Montage County Cowboy Church

2018 Valentine Ball Montague County Cowboy Church

2018 Tolar Methodist Church

2018 Pleasant Grove Cowboy Church

2017 Grace Christian Center

2017 Goldthwaite Revival 

2017 Godley Western Fellowship 7th Anniversary

2017 Triple Cross Cowboy Church

2017 Greenbrier Baptist Church

2017 Big Creek Cowboy Church

2017 Forest Park Baptist N N O

2017 Leakey, Texas

Harvey Relief Benefit Concert 2017

5 Hills Cowboy Church 2017

2017 Gateway Church of Denton

2017 Watts Chapel 125th Anniversary Sunday

2017 Springtown 1st United Methodist Church

2017 Harpers Valley Baptist Church

2017 Parker County Cowboy Church

2017 Cowboy Church of Tarrant County

2017 Northside Baptist Church Mesquite, Texas

2017 New Hope Baptist Goatneck Tx.

2017 Big Spring Grace Country Fellowship

2017 Pony Creek Baptist Church

2017 Wild Horse Creek Cowboy Church

2017 First Baptist Venus

2017 Hubbard Cowboy Church

2017 Ranch House Cowboy Church

2017 Montague County Cowboy Church

2017 First Baptist Rockwall

2017 Evangel Family Outreach

2017 Tolar Methodist Church

2017 First Baptist Marble Falls

2016 Greenbrier Baptist Church

2016 Bono Baptist Church

2016 New Way Bible Fellowship Church

2016 Godley Western Fellowship

2016 Red River Cowboy Church

2016 Montague County Cowboy Church

Big Creek Cowboy Church

Avenue L Baptist Church

2016 9/18 Hubbard Cowboy Church

2016 Parker County Cowboy Church

2016 Bold Cross Cowboy Church

Pleasant Grove Cowboy Church August 2016

2016 Watts Chapel 124th Homecoming

2016 First Baptist Church of West

2016 Scurry County Cowboy Church

2016 Coke County Cowboy Church

2016 Rio Vista First Baptist Church

2016 Kopperl Methodist Church

2016 Happy Trails Cowboy Church

2016 Gateway Church of Denton

2016 Trail To The Cross Cowboy Church

2016 Cowboy Church of Tarrant County

2016 Bible Buddies High Valley Baptist

2016 Stagecoach Cowboy Church

2016 Day Break Ranch

2016 Mineral Wells Cowboy Church

2016 Wild Horse Creek Cowboy Church

New Frontier Cowboy Church

2016 Pleasant Grove Cowboy Church

2016 Ranch House Cowboy Church

2016 Tolar Methodist Church

2016 Acton Methodist Church

First Baptist Marble Falls

Lipan Cowboy Church

Northpointe Baptist Church Fundraiser

Waples Baptist Church of Granbury 2015

Godley Western Fellowship 5th Anniversary

2015 Gateway Baptist Denton

2015 Montague County Cowboy Church

Kopperl First Baptist Church 2015

Central Baptist Lancaster 2015

Cowboy Ministries Church

PIne Drive Community Church

Leakey Texas September 2015

Pleasant Grove Cowboy Church 

Jack County Cowboy Church

Granbury Live Theater

The Country Church in Marion 2015

Live Oak Baptist Church 2015

Lipan Cowboy Church August 2015

Heart of Texas Cowboy Church August 2015

Cowboy Church of Tarrant County

Cornerstone Cowboy Church

Palo Pinto County Cowboy Church

Rio Vista First Baptist Church

Hubbard Cowboy Church July 2015

Watts Chapel UMC

Rock Church Fundraiser

2015 Parker County Cowboy Church

2015 Happy Trails Cowboy Church

2015 Trail to the Cross Cowboy Church

2015 Cowboy Gathering Church

Brushy Creek Cowboy Church 2015

2015 Triple Cross Church

2015 STGMA Convention

2015 Big Creek Cowboy Church

2015 Cowboy Church of Ennis

2015 Tolar Baptist Fish Fry

2015 Heart of Texas Cowboy Church

2015 Cedar Cross Country Church

2015 Bosque County Cowboy Church

2015 First Baptist Church of Palmer

2015 Ranch House Cowboy Church

2015 Pleasant Grove Cowboy Church

2015 First Baptist Church of Eustace

GMAA Convention  2015

Hubbard Cowboy Church 2015

Branded Cross Cowboy Church 2015

Wounded Warriors Event Leakey, Texas

Happy Trails Cowboy Church 2014

Happy Trails Cowboy Church Christmas Ball

Central Baptist Church College Station

Kopperl United Methodist Church

Sand Flat Baptist Church

Heart of Texas Cowboy Church 2014

Lipan Cowboy Church 2014

Godley Western Fellowship 2014

Gateway of Denton, Fall Festival 2014

Montague County Cowboy Church

Cowboy Ministries Alvin, Texas

ICCAN Roundup in Houston

Crossroads Country Cowboy Church in Inez

Cedar Grove Baptist Greenville, Texas

Central Baptist Lancaster, Texas

Highland Lakes Camp And Conference Center

Immanuel Baptist Church Kyle, Texas

2014 Parker County Cowboy Church

Hubbard Cowboy Church Fun Day

2014 Church in the Valley & Leakey Texas

2014 Trail to the Cross Cowboy Church

2014 Friendship Baptist in Seven Points

Branded Cross Cowboy Church 2014

2014 August Pleasant Grove Cowboy Church

2014 J Bar C Cowboy Church

2014 Cowboy Church of Mineral Wells

5 Hills Cowboy Church 2014

Gateway Baptist of Denton

Bosque County Cowboy Church 2014

Father's Day at Avenue L Baptist Church

Ennis Cowboy Church

Calvary Baptist of Euless Church Picnic 2014

San Saba Bible Buddies

Greenwood Gro. and Grill

Pleasant Grove Cowboy Church

2014 District 63 Masonic Fundraiser

First Cowboy Church of Burnet 2014

STGMA Convention 2014

Eastern Star Wedgewood Chapter

Country Church in Marion and Ikels 50th

Center City Baptist Church

March 2014 Hubbard Cowboy Church

Holy Smoke Off 2014

Triple Cross C C and Benefit for Sharon

Ranch House Cowboy Church 2014

First Baptist Church Eustace, Texas

Piney Woods Cowboy Church 2014

Tolar United Methodist Church 2014

GMAA 2014 Convention

Masonic Christmas Dinner 2013

Kopperl United Methodist Church

Paluxy Baptist Association Dinner

2013 Triple Cross Cowboy Church

Bridgeport Country Cowboy Church

Blessed Hope New Beginnings Full Gospel

2013 Godley Western Fellowship

5 Hills Cowboy Church

Montague County C.C. 2013

Hubbard Cowboy Church 10/20/2013

Lord's Acre 2013 Wesley Memorial in Cleburne

Campfire Jammin at Hubbard C.C.

Mineral Wells Cowboy Church 2013

Crossroads Cowboy Church Inez 2013

Church of the Open Door 2013

National Night Out 2013

Friendship Baptist Seven Points

Country Church in Marion

Bosque CCC 2013

Church in the Valley 2013

Trip to Cabins and Leakey American Legion

University Baptist Church San Antonio

Red River Cowboy Church

Hubbard C.C. August 2013

Brazos Point Church

Jesse Runyon Benefit

Trail to the Cross 2013

Union Baptist Church

Gateway Community Church Granbury

First Assembley of God Glen Rose

Caney Creek Cowboy Church

Alvarado Reunion Grounds

Robertson County Cowboy Church 2013

Oak Hills Presbyterian Church

STGMA 2013

Westway Baptist Church

Spring Creek Musical

Hubbard Cowboy Church New Building

Easter 2013 Heart of Texas Cowboy Church

Country Cowboy Church Bridgeport

Main Place Galleria

Wild Horse Creek 2013

Granbury Square

Ranch House Cowboy Church

Birthday Party and Wedding

FriendshipMissionary Baptist Church

Castle Hills First Baptist Church

Day Break Ranch

Happy Trails Cowboy Church 2012

Cowboy Church of Ennis

Godley Western Fellowship

2012 Montague County C. Church

Crossroads Country Cowboy Church

1st Cowboy Church of Burnet

Leakey Texas

HOT Cowboy Church Auction and Service

Triple Cross CC August 2012

Live Oak First Baptist Church

Hubbard City Lakes and Cowboy Church

Buffalo, Texas Methodist Church

Cache Creek Cowboy Church 2012

Cowboy Church of Tarrant County 2012

The Estates of Granbury

Beacon Ridge Baptist Church Austin, Texas

2012 Bosque County Cowboy Church

Easter @ Heart of Texas Cowboy Church 2012

Robertson County Cowboy Church

Penning For Jesus Cowboy Church

Oakridge Baptist Church San Antonio

Ranchhouse Cowboy Church 2012

Heart of Texas Cowboy Church 2012

Triple Cross Cowboy Church 2012

Palo Pinto Church By The Lake

Woodmen of the World Christmas

Montague County Cowboy Church

Tent Revival Proctor, Texas

Kerrville, Texas 2011

Saddle Up Cowboy Church

Wesley United Methodist Church of Cleburne

Goatneck, Texas  Baker-Lain Cemetery Fundraiser

National Night Out Forest Park Baptist

Gunsmoke On The Brazos 2011

Evangel Family Outreach Church

FUMC Waco, Texas

First Annual North Texas Cowboy Church Gathering

Heart of Texas Cowboy Church 2011

Tolar United Methodist Church

Debbie Riza Benefit & Triple Cross Church

Harmony Baptist Church

Belmont Park Baptist Church

Riddle Reunion 2011

Robinson Reunion 2011

Forest Park Baptist Church

Walls Hospital

2nd Annual Maypearl Gospel Fest

STGMA Convention 2011 and 2012

Culleoka Baptist Church

First Baptist Church of Paducah

Paducah Lion's Club

First Presbyterian Church

Cowboy Church of Tarrant County

Davis Memorial United Methodist

Faith Christian Church

First Baptist Church of Garland

Acton Methodist Church

Church Of The Open Door

Spring Branch Baptist Church

New Way Bible Fellowship

Oak Ridge Baptist Church

Fort Hood Chaplain Corps

Happy Trails Cowboy Church

Cache Creek Cowboy Church

Bosque County Cowboy Church

3 Crosses Cowboy Church

Trail to the Cross Cowboy Church

First Annual Ranch House Gospel Fest

Mineral Wells Cowboy Church

Goldthwaite Senior Health

New Haven Missionary Baptist Church

Campers On Mission

Three Nails Cowboy Church

Triple Cross Cowboy Church

Ellis County Cowboy Church

Heart Of Texas Cowboy Church

Western Heritage Cowboy Church

Wild Horse Creek Cowboy Church

 Hubbard Cowboy Church

Piney Woods Cowboy Church

Cross Roads Cowboy Church

Ranch House Cowboy Church

Avenue L Baptist Church