Stevie D.

Bass Guitar

"Stevie D", Steve Doody ,was born Sept. 21, 1958 in the small papermill town of Lincoln, Main. He and his mother Dorothy Cornell Doody, father Gerald Doody and two older sisters Linda and Geri lived in Mattawamyieag, Maine for Steve's first two years then moved south to Fall Mountain in Plymouth Conn. About two years after moving to Fall Mountain his father left the family, so Steve and his two sisters were raised by their mother. They eventually moved down off the mountain into town where Steve's mother met and married Steve's new step father who was a singer, and
guitar player with a lot of musician friends.Steve "Cornell" Doody is very proud of his family tree which goes back to Benjamin Franklin to Ezra Cornell, founder of Cornell University on (Steve's mothers, fathers side of the family) and the
Peqout Indian Nation Foxwooes Casino on his grandmothers side. His family includes two New York Governors and one Presidential candiate who wasn't elected and apparently lost by one vote. Steve has a son, Steve William Doody Jr. and four grandsons who still reside in Conn.At around seven years of age Steve really started learning to play guitar. By the age of thirteen, Steve and friends wanted to start a band but no one played bass. Steve really loved the bass so decided to give it a try. Before Steve's 15th birthday, "Country Tradition" played their first gig at the Town Fair. That night they were hired to play at the Moose Lodge where they played every weekend for 9 months.Country Tradition was the first of many bands Steve played bass with. He has played Country Western, Classic  Rock, & 50's & 60's doo-wop.While with a Country band called Old # 7 , they opened for such acts as Wild Rose, Gibson Miller Band, Larry Boone, Shelby Lynn, and The Kentucky Head Hunters. They also peformed with others including the Marveletts, The Tokens, The Drifters, and Louise Mandrell. In all that time Steve  felt there was still something missing. Steve moved to Granbury , Texas in 1996 and played with the Silverado Band for about a year. Later on Silverado broke up. Steve always had a strong desire to play Country Gospel Music and God called him 10 years later to play at the New Frontier Cowboy Church. He still felt something missing......God. Steve was baptized January 6, 1995 in Conn. He loves the Lord and being able to use his gift of music to serve our God is a dream and prayers come true."I am truly blessed to be playing with the Baggy Bottom Boys"