That’s How I Know (by Eugene Montgomery & Baggy bottom Boys)

He said this temple in three days I’ll raise
They crucifed and put Him in the grave
But when the stone was rolled away
They found that Jesus still lives today
If you don’t know Him and you’ve never been saved
Let me tell you friend, it’s not too late
Just get down on your knees and pray
(then you will know)
That Jesus lives today

He gave His life and saves us by His grace
Before the Father , He pleads our case
He’s gone to heaven to prepare a place
Someday I’m gonna see Him face to face
He has the power to heal and save
He’s changin lives each and every day
He gives me peace all along the way
(that’s how I know)
That Jesus lives today

He saved my soul when I was lost in sin
He came a knockin and I let Him in
If you knew the places I have been
You’d know that He forgave a lot of sin
He was born of flesh and blood with love
Sent to earth straight from heaven above
Oh yes I met Him on the day I was saved
(that’s how I know)
That Jesus lives today