Tommy (by George Somers and the Baggy Bottom Boys)

Tommy was saved as a young man but he began to stray
Drugs and alcohol , he did them most everyday
He lost his job, he lost his wife, he lost his friends
He thought he might take his life.

Driving down a back road in the countryside one day
He knew he had to change his life,
or he would have hell to pay
Then he remembered of his old friend
He stopped his truck he hit his knees and prayed

And he cried out Jesus
Do you still hear me, are you still near me
After all that I’ve been through
And he cried out Jesus
Please listen to me, I repent all my sin
I want you back in my life again

He had never felt so humble, he had never been that low
He knew the Lord could help him
On which path that he should go
The path is straight and narrow
And he knew he couldn’t do it all alone


He felt his load was lifted as the tears fell off his face
He felt the joy he once knew,
like the day he was born again
Then he thought he heard a whisper
He bowed his head and listened to what He said

And the Lord said Tommy
Yes I still hear you, I never left you
After all that you’ve been through
And the Lord said Tommy,
Now listen to me,
I forgive you your sin
I am glad to be back in your life again.