Triple Cross Church  (by Eugene Montgomery)

It’s {Sunday morning , starch in my shirt}
I’m on my {way to Triple Cross Church}
A big metal building that sits out on Hwy. 4
{ Country gospel } is the {music they play}
The{ Word of God }preached {by Brother Ray}
Well It’s Sunday mornin and I can’t wait
to get in the door.

I see the horses in the parking lot
The arena with the big ole top
And of course a couple of smokers out under the trees
Well the coffee and the donuts are free
There’s lot’s of friends there to welcome me
It’s Sunday morning and I’m happy as I can be.

(Chorus) Then Lead Break

I used to never feel this way
But something happened to me one day
Jesus came along and He put some joy in my heart.
Now I can’t begin to explain ,
the power that’s in Jesus name,
But it’s Sunday morning and I can’t wait for Church to start.
(Chorus Again)