WWJD (by Eugene Montgomery)

My buddy and me were out cruizin the town
There on the shoulder an old man was broke down
Tire tool in his hand on his face was a frown
I looked at my buddy, but I didn’t slow down

You know the shoulder was gravel and the sun was hot
I had the AC goin and a coke I just bought
I looked in the mirror and saw a man in need
And that’s when my buddy said these words to me


WWJD when your brother’s in need
Don’t pass up a chance to do a good deed
The Lord’s been good to you and me
So just remember these words WWJD

I turned my truck around and rolled up my sleeves
We fixed the old man’s car and we started to leave
He said “thank you boys” is all I can say
I’ll thank the good Lord above tonight when I pray

(chorus again)